My Dear London

you belong somewhereyou feel free

My dear London,

Oh you’ve been so nice to me. You have always been the city of my dreams and it is now a pleasure to proclaim you the city where my dreams came true. You’ve been utterly generous, teaching me so many important life lessons, giving me countless times the opportunity to grow and to encounter numerous incredible people. You have taught me to make efforts when need be, and that is something I cherish most.

From my first time trying to cook pasta (and spending way too much time to know how to boil water) to cooking exclusively vegetarian meals. Going to nightclubs and attempting my best at dancing. Learning to enjoy time alone and ceasing to be afraid of going out alone. From meeting like-minded people, from all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. From living in such an enriching environment, learning a new lesson every single day, be it from hard-work or a meditation and spiritual routine. 

London, you endowed me with the strength to go out alone, eat on my own shamelessly. You made me a braver person by teaching me that taking risks was always worth it, regardless of the outcome. You’ve taught me that someone can hide a million treasures within themselves and that there is beauty in getting to know each of them by giving them a chance. You made me understand that time flies, although we all wish it could stop at times, and that nothing truly lasts. People leave and chapters end and we have to let go whilst being thankful for the memorable moments. You have made evident to me that age is just a number and there is no such thing as age gap. You have taught me how to share and give without restraint and that materialistic things do not count, no matter their sentimental value.

You proved me that diversity is a core value of life but also that there will be times when failure is inevitable and that’s okay, you have to keep going. Some people will be unable to grasp your potential, they will act in an unfair manner towards you, your efforts may not be rewarded by the people you thought would notice. All of that is fine, you have to remember to remain the same, whether you feel like your kindness is underrated or not, no matter what others do, whether they reciprocate or not. London, you’ve taught me that at times even determination and painstaking efforts are not enough and you have to come to terms with the fact that you couldn’t get what you wanted: accept and let go.

I will always cherish the city that humanly provided me with a myriad of emotions, feelings and experiences. I will forever be grateful for having lived here in London those few months. The time of my life. You made me a blissful person, restored my faith in dreams, and above all you made me feel free. And as a quote I stumbled upon some while ago states, ‘you belong somewhere you feel free’.

You showed me how vibrant and graceful you truly are, day in, day out, be it in dark or joyful times, sunny or rainy days. You stole my heart a million times, in a thousand different ways, disclosing your most precious treasures, always leaving me in awe. London, you’ve changed me. And for that, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Here’s to the summery-like kind of afternoons spent in parks reading or enjoying good company, the nights playing cards or poker in the lounge, the feasts made of specialties from around the world, the imposing buildings and the learning of various arts, the late wanderings, the blurry photographs, the everyday life lessons and most of all here’s to the many faces I ever came across and to hostel life!

With love and gratitude,


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