To Fail Is To Try







It would be difficult to count how many times I thought myself to be a failure. I have countlessly failed at bonding with people. I failed at getting accepted for the university course I was willing to pursue. I failed at getting a job. I failed at becoming a better person. And it would take time to list all of the things I wished I had achieved but failed.

Furthermore, I am sure you have already encountered that feeling of wishing very deeply for something. For once, you actually believe in yourself, and that is something as precious as it is rare. You believe that you can do it. Yet, in the end, you don’t succeed. To a certain extent, it causes pain, sadness or disappointment. You genuinely thought it was possible, you could achieve it. But you failed. And thus the world seems to come crashing down on you. You end up blaming yourself and others, being disappointed with your own self and your peers. You strongly feel like a failure. To believe very much until it all comes crashing down definitely is an appalling feeling to undergo.

I realize that you can relate to this kind of experience beyond doubt. You’ve probably been into one of these situations more than once actually, whether it be career-wise or on a personal level. But if we all know that feeling, we all have known disappointment at some point in our lives, there is a reason. That reason is because it is all a part of life. We fall, find ourselves against the wall and we have to get back up, whether it is by moving on or by persevering in order to try one more time. Above all, to fail is to try.




Putting your heart a hundred percent into something will surely end up leaving a deep imprint in your soul, be it a scar or not. You may be hurting or thriving after all. The outcome will be powerful. But to be confident, to believe twice more than usual, to be optimistic is a gift. The mere fact of being able to feel that way is worthy, no matter if it results or not in a success. Therefore leave out the fact that you may have been a tiny bit too self-assured and remember the following truths:

You are not a failure. Failing is part of the game. You may have failed, and truthfully we all have somewhere on the road, and yet it does not mean that you are the problem. The same as winning does not make you a winner at everything, losing does not make you a loser at everything. You are defined by your journey which is embodied by both the victories and the losses. You might be the one who sucks at chess, but you may also be the life of the party who makes everybody laugh. You might be an unskilled painter but a talented comedian. You are made of millions of different characteristics, be them positive or negative. Intermingled, these features cannot possibly make you a failure. You are not a failure.


5 thoughts on “To Fail Is To Try

  1. “Putting your heart a hundred percent into something will surely end up leaving a deep imprint in your soul, be it a scar or not.” Love this quote, it really makes you think.

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