Debunking 5 Myths About Introversion

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Introverted people are subject to numerous misconceptions in our very extroverted twenty-first-century world. Contrary to extroverts, they are more likely to be labelled with such clichéd beliefs. These preconceived ideas have a way of making them feel like they do not belong. Society, and our ultra-connected world, needs to stop making introverts feel like they are outsiders and start accepting them as they are, acknowledging their reserved nature is worth as much as an extrovert’s nature. And most of what is believed about them simply isn’t true, here are a few examples:

  1. Just because some introverted people are shy doesn’t mean that they don’t want to bond with others. On the contrary, introverts seek meaningful human connection. And to seek something undoubtedly entails exploring all the options, so although we may seem distant we never truly turn away from an opportunity to meet potential new friends. While some of us do struggle to make friends, we do not aspire to live recluse and alone. Spending excessive solo time can even make us feel detached and lonely.
  2. It is both a curse and a blessing to be quiet and concealed for people are not constantly willing to take time to dig deeper, thus being misled into thinking that this kind of people are mere shallow beings. Indeed, introverts need time to disclose every side of their personality, but they do have one. They do hold opinions, although they might be scared to voice them, because we are social beings after all. And underneath the layers of silence, they most likely have a burning passion inside of them. If you get to discover that part of them, you will grasp a fascinating being. And trust me, there is somewhere where they feel completely free to be themselves a hundred percent, be it on a blog or elsewhere.
  3. Each introvert differs from another, even though they are some core characteristics that unite them such as listening and observant qualities and a need to spend time alone to recharge their batteries. But the amount of needed time spent alone might vary from one person to another. Some introverts do enjoy attending parties. Others may loathe going to nightclubs. Assumptions don’t work with the introversion spectrum either. Each individual is unique.
  4. Introverts do make great leaders. Their strong ability to listen and observe is a powerful tool to manage a team, as it obviously entails to do more thinking instead of rushing into a project. In the workplace, if an introvert is genuinely passionate about their tasks, there is no such thing as being too scared to speak up and give direction to lead the team. There is no doubt introverts can be dynamic and persuasive.
  5. Contrary to popual belief, it actually appears that most introverts do not fit the ‘shy’ category. Time is the key for introverts, be it for thinking, taking action and disclosing their true self. Whilst some may indeed be afraid to make the first step, others might just be analyzing and observing in order to grasp the atmosphere and then dive in and interact. For other people, it may take longer to reveal themselves but once they do, they can share the most authentic conversations ever. Besides, introverts do not apprehend silence as a threat, and that is indeed something extroverts should learn.


Can you relate to any of the points listed above? Are there any other myth on introversion that you despise?



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