A Letter To Those Who Don’t Belong


I am lingeringly coming to terms with the fact that I will never genuinely belong.

I am unique in a peculiar kind of way. Not in a way I like.

I do not completely belong. I never will.

There will always be a line withdrawing me from the world.

I will always be missing something. Whatever that is.

But that is okay.

It doesn’t matter because the only significant thing is that my existence does matter anyway.

There is nothing wrong in not belonging.

And yes, it is truthful to say that at times it certainly makes me feel empty and saddened.

It does cause pain somehow, even knowing the truth.

But that is life.

And I have come to accept it anyway.


Let’s not hold grudges anymore.

Let’s only feel the warmth and the beauty of love.

Life might not be a synonym for love but it is indeed filled with it.

There is so much love to take from life.

Let’s forget about the violence, the lies, the hatred.

We shall accept the beautiful pieces that are offered to us.

And yet, we shall not take them for granted.


In tribulations and in tragedies, we still have beauty to rely on.

Hope, thankfulness, love are what we have the possibility to hold on to.

In joyful times, we do have pieces to make us celebrate.

People, places, memories are there to remind us of love. 

And in hardship, we still have the ability to grasp the sensations left by our own memories.


Let’s celebrate life.

No matter what.


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