Why You Should Move Abroad While You’re Young


© View from London Bridge, Jan. 2017, Giulia C.

For someone like me — someone shy, afraid of taking risks and who had never accomplished anything grand in my short life, moving abroad alone was something I’d never thought I’d ever do so young, even temporarily. And yet, here I am, in the city where I’d always dreamt of living. It’s not been long since I settled here but in this short time I have literally felt myself growing. There’s been ups and downs, some pretty lonely nights, some fun and genuine life lessons. 

 Move to a new city, go to another country, leave home for a while (or forever, as you wish!). It doesn’t have to be permanent, it can be temporary too. This will most-likely be the most rewarding experience of your life. Go out and live! Do it while you’re still young, wild and free (or almost). It doesn’t matter whether you’re broke or not, you can always figure it out.

Pick a place to live, be it randomly or where you’ve always dreamt of. Think about the options — there are so many! Make a plan and stick to it. Now’s the time to escape from the chaos of your life, to withdraw from your daily routine and to defy the odds. Challenge yourself. This is the path to growth and fulfillment. If you’ve always lived with your parents, perhaps you’ve gotten used to relying on them too much. Perhaps you’ve never done your laundry and perhaps you still consider yourself a kid at times. That’s fine. But if the elements I’ve listed here apply to you, then I encourage you even more to take this path to (self-)discovery. Refrain from your family for a bit, go out and take some fresh air. Perhaps you even realize that you lack a sense of responsibility and that is okay. You will always be surrounded by opportunities that make you grow, whether they’re concealed or not. So let go of the impact your peers have in your life, be it friends or family. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by what they might think. Just do it. Listen to your heart.

I did and I am so grateful that I got to choose this option, to follow a path that at first sounded both daunting and thrilling. Living in a new city challenged me on numerous levels. Meeting new people and getting to know a new neighborhood was life-changing. I found myself. It was an opportunity to discover the world my own way, to get to know myself. I know all too well wanderlust and I wish that I could travel the world but truth is that will never really be me. I will never be that person, it’s just not me. And it doesn’t matter.

Settling in a new country was enough for me. Enough to open my eyes. It taught me to keep my eyes wide open, always ready to catch the surprises that life throws my way. Furthermore, it taught me to always be on the go for new experiences. Trying out things you’ve never done before is the only way to grow, to learn. Go experience what scares you the most when you have the opportunity to do so. Don’t start second-guessing. Try your best not to stress over what you’re about to experience for the first time in your life. Just feel it, feel how life is lingeringly taking over your body, your actions.

So move to a new city. Move to a new country if that’s your wish. Go out and explore the world. Go discover both yourself and the world at the same time. Accept the do-over that life is offering you — you might miss your chance for good otherwise. Apart from meeting new people, you will meet yourself. Perhaps you will become the world’s greatest cook after cooking your very first meal! You may meet your soul mate overseas, who knows? Let a new place take you on new adventures. Don’t rely on expectations too much. Cease the overthinking, although it is normal to be stressful before taking the leap. Get ready. Seize the opportunities. Do what you’ve never done before, be it living in a community or going to a club. Dive into the unknown. Do know your limits but push your boundaries nonetheless. 

If I could do it, then there’s no doubt you can do it too.

Go out and live.



11 thoughts on “Why You Should Move Abroad While You’re Young

  1. I am stunned by your wisdom, in awe of your grasp of life, of living…I so admire your adventurous spirit that is able to accept your limitations….and, on top of all that, you are such a fantastic writer…you are amazing…thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for writing this Giulia, it encouraged me so much! I’m definitely that person you were talking about – shy, still feeling like a kid at times, being used to having my parents at my side. Something is always holding me back from doing the things I know I want to do. But at the same time I have this desire to explore new places and challenge myself. I’m actually leaving for Ireland and Scotland on Thursday, I’ll be traveling with my best friends for a month, and while that might not be the same thing as moving abroad on my own I think it’s going to help me grow a lot. And maybe after that trip I’ll be ready to face new challenges on my own, at least I’m hoping I will be x


    1. I’m glad this encouraged you Sara! Everyone’s got to make the steps that work best for them. Going away for some time even with friends I’m sure will be a great experience like no other. Super happy to hear about this upcoming experience of yours, I’m sure it is going to be marvelous. Enjoy!! x

  3. This is very inspiring to read about your shyness, but still going for your dreams. You are showing such braveness. I’m following you just now for more of your adventures. Stephen

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