Honesty Makes Us Break Free


Life has taught me that at times you have to celebrate the little things that are not perceived as special at first but mark crucial steps of the journey. A year ago to the day, I wrote To Everyone I’ve Ever Met. It is in fact one of the most important posts I’ve ever written, at least to me. Writing down those thoughts enabled me to finally embrace the fact that I was friendless. Although I already had accepted it as a fact, I had always refrained from speaking out about it. I mean how often do you come across someone who feels no shame in proclaiming themselves friendless? I always feared to be made a fool for it whether it be while meeting new people or just disclosing this truth to people I already knew. And to be honest, I still fear or at least don’t know well how to handle it. But in the end, I did write this blog, and I did share it in the open space for people to read and maybe even relate to.

By doing so, it encouraged me to pursue my quest towards authenticity. Through this experience, I’ve learnt that the key to fellow human being’s heart is mere honesty. But let’s be precise: it goes both way, be it toward ourselves and towards others. There’s always a way to release the truth ; actually there are so many. Letters, songs, even photographs! Once you have put it out there, you’re on your way to Truth.

There is a way you can break out of your shell. Writing a blog post surely sounds like a very tiny step to take but it broke the cycle of shame somewhat. It helped me to voice it. Embracing honesty might be the most daring thing one can do. It may take time and a great deal of effort. But it is worth it.

The more authentic you are, the more people will be attracted to you, be they potential friends or lovers. I wish I could prove it but unfortunately I’d be lying. However, it does engender a certain solace. No matter how many people can see it, eventually you will know what’s in your heart and this will boost your self-esteem. I genuinely feel so much more confident with my writing and my blog now that I’ve opened up about certain feelings. The more I write, the more I want to be honest and the more it feels legitimate to be my true self. Up to a certain point, we all fear to be vulnerable in front of people we barely know. We are afraid of the tiny but real chance that they might take advantage of our weaknesses. And yet, once we’ve embraced our vulnerability, which is part of our humanity, we shall be proud of it. Human beings are made of faults and qualities. And aren’t those little quirks of us, those bad habits and other traits we regret about ourselves what makes people like us? Don’t we have any proof that what we are as a whole is what makes us lovable? Perhaps it hasn’t been disclosed to us yet, but billions of other life stories have shown it to be true.

I had the chance to find honesty in writing by dwelling upon the shady feelings that society wants us to hide, by sharing some experiences I have gone through that I had previously told very few people, if not any. But I also found it by talking about the things that I cherish and the dreams that I hold close to my heart. All of which shaped me into the person I am today. As time is passing by, I can only wish that our bond gets stronger thanks to honest relationships.

We shall let our mask fade away through tiny moves, not rush it. Embrace who we are, for honesty is both vulnerability and strength, and vulnerability is worthy. We are entitled to live a life free from the burden of shame, fear and insufficiency. And we are worthy no matter what.

So unveil your truth. Throw it in the open space. Someone will be grateful to you. Someone will listen. And someone will be proud (and that person might well be you).

And thus I choose honesty because it is what makes us break free.


8 thoughts on “Honesty Makes Us Break Free

  1. I’ve had the same experience. By writing about thr things I wouldn’t voice, I gained control over them. My other experience (and mentioning this is cautionary) is that once I write it down, my brain thinks it cannot be changed. When I declared *myself* friendless, when I learned I was mentally ill, when I learned I had Tourettes, I let these realizations define who I was. Don’t fall into that trap. Be a person without any current friends, not a person who can’t have friends.

  2. This is so beautiful that it put a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes…you are powerfully strong and amazing and brave…and, right! I, too, am making practical efforts to speak my truth (a post I wrote 2 days ago, and the one I wrote today, speak to this vulnerability/strength combination). Thank you for inspiring me…this was such a reinforcing message and proof that we are not alone in our determination and the struggle comes with it…thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for choosing to bring your authentic self to your blog. I promise you it’s so much more enjoyable to read a blog post that you can just sense is coming from a place of transparency. It’s got to be freeing for you too, and FREEDOM needs to be felt by all of us. We need not be enslaved behind masks. Oh, just take the darn things off. Be you…no one does it better!!!

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