Belief Is The Key To Your Dreams

Let’s leave behind the topsy-turvy year that 2016 has been and start off 2017 on a positive note — and with the hundredth post published on the blog! If you enjoy (or not) reading my posts, I’d truly appreciate if you took a second to review the blog in the rating section of its FB page. 

I always thought I was one to witness other people’s dreams come true. I noticed people getting what they wanted, which at times was also what I wanted. I was part of the failing ones or those who thought they’d have to wait for a very long time before finally observing their expectations being reached. The outsiders, the long-time dreamers, the utopians, call them however you want to. Or so I thought, when all that really hindered me from reaching my dreams were fear and few hidden — and yet existent — opportunities.

Ever since I had travelled to the United Kingdom as a middle-schooler with my class, I had fallen in love with this country, and especially with its capital city. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances I hadn’t often had the chance to visit more than twice this fascinating, cosmopolitan city. And yet, deep down, my dream to live there grew stronger over time. If I had had the chance, I would have fled to pursue a course at university there. But sometimes, life has a way of keeping what seems best for us away from us to ensure us the genuine best.

I’ve been led on a path on which I could encounter so many opportunities. Indeed, a gap year may give rise to tons of various endeavors, be it travel, career-wise, etc. I’d definitely be travelling the world if I could right now but projects are supposed to be realistic, so I am not. After a few months of inactivity, looking for a job of any kind to spare my time, out of the blue, I indulged in intense watching sessions of Damon and Jo’s videos, a duo of twenty-somethings who started from scratch and now travel the world for a living. Not only were the watching sessions excessive, but the contemplations were too. And that is how it all started. All of sudden, it reminded me how back in the day when Katie from Scarphelia had made her dream to live in the States come true and how she inspired me to do the same as she taught me that the power was in my hands. I had found out, eventually, that there was in fact a way that I could make my dream come true. Why would I wait another ten years to live in a place I’d dreamt of whilst there is an opportunity in the present moment?

So, yeah, I am going to live in London. It’s sounds surreal but my ticket is booked, the plan is all set up.


I am going to slow down and stop telling you my whole life story now because this blog is not aimed at talking about me for no reason. This is not about me. This is about you and your very own dreams.I am writing this because I want to prove you that everyone can make their dreams come true, I’m just living proof. Of course, it will take time, hard-work and perseverance, but that is no secret. On the other hand, a thought that does not often comes to mind when talking about following your dreams is that your dreams are adjustable. In my mind, I had it all settled: I would become a journalist and I would establish myself in London, and thus I’d be living my dream. Little did I know that there was a way for me to escape the obnoxious circumstances surrounding me and embellish my life with some accomplished dreams. I could well leave for a while, and live in London even if it’s for a two-month period.

There’s a high probability that there are some opportunities to make your dreams come true, they’re just latent. You have not encountered them yet, but if you search well, dig up a little, you will come face to face with these possibilities. Do not bury your dreams inside your being. Hold them close to your heart. Remind yourself of those dreams and turn them into goals. Look for solutions and unveil these opportunities, find the underground doors. This is the path to living your dreams.

Another quintessential element to remember during your quest is to conquer your fears. Your ego will repeatedly try to make you doubtful. There might be numerous attempts at crushing down your dreams. But you have to remember that you’re doing it for your own good, for your own happiness. What is wrong in doing what makes us happy? Absolutely nothing. My mind tried to convince me several times that I would not make it in the streets of London, that I wouldn’t be able to look after myself. I choose to break those fears and no matter what I will have a bee in my bonnet and I will keep on trying, through failures and success. Of course, there will be challenging times. Somewhat it is daunting to live in a place where you’re not familiar with anything/anyone. 

If it is not your mind that neglects your ambitions, it might be your friends or family. If your close-ones happen to be far different from you, with little dreams, if not none, in their pockets, they may not understand your choices. Indeed, I believe it is sad not to cultivate any dreams but some people were born that way. No matter what they think, and however much you appreciate them, you must keep on listening to your heart. It is your life that you’re living, not theirs. They won’t be in your shoes once you choose to give up that dream. So don’t you dare listen to the pessimistic and unenthusiastic back talk. The only opinion that matters is yours.

If you’re not sure how you’re going to make your dreams come true, here are a few elements that worked for me:

Understand what your heart wants. Know the possibilities. Do some research. Adjust your dreams to what appears to be reachable. Forget about all the limits. Conquer your fears. Tell only those you trust most — or wait for the moment when your endeavor will be fully prepared. Plan (however much you feel the need to — too much or not enough, that could well make a big difference). Believe in yourself. Remind yourself of that dream regularly. See it transform into a project. Believe in this dream. Be inspired by people who are living their dreams, be it similar to yours or not. Tell your loved ones that you’re about to make your dream come true. Now, that’s it, go and live your dream!

Think about your dreams and act upon those thoughts!

What are YOUR dreams? 

Whatever they may be, I hope 2017 is the year you realize you have the power to make them come true and they do come true!


16 thoughts on “Belief Is The Key To Your Dreams

  1. Such an inspiring post! Congrats not only on achieving your dream, but also on the 100th post! I really hope you’ll enjoy the life in London! Can’t wait to read more about it 🙂

  2. You are a wonderful writer with a powerful voice…and, I love your vocabulary. This post is awesome, as is Prince Ea’s video (I’ve watched it before and it is so worth watching again)….I’m sooooo happy for you and very impressed…thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Wow, what an inspiring story for the new year! Good luck too you in you’re move! I think it’s so cool that you’re pursing your dreams and not just dreaming about them. What you wrote inspired me too. Thank you for posting this!

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