Stellar Universe — Poem


Stellar Universe

They looked up at the sky, counting their blessings.
Their eyes used to meet, in between fervid readings.
Wondrous times of harmony empowered the duo,
Entangling their souls without a thing to owe.

The universe much wiser than they thought
Would spin around incessantly, distraught.
Nonetheless, they kept on gazing at the stars,
Their beings fueled by hope, despite the scars.

The turmoil which was once feared
At present would never make them cringe
For they knew of the strength they could hold on to,
This inner force called faith by which they would pull through.

Of the feathers they would take heed,
For such coverings would be the seed
Of ambition, passion and well-being,
The values they would now be preaching.

The pair of loners had finally uncovered
That there was more to life than disfavors.
Indeed, a shimmering world to be discovered
In which they belong was awaiting to answer their prayers.


Happy new year! 

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NB: The picture was taken by me.


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