2017: A Year of Kindness


If this year taught me anything it is that kindness is one of the most important values one can show, as I wrote in this post a few months back. There are a thousand different ways one can be kind. With all the fuss about new year resolutions, why don’t we focus on actions that are directed towards others instead of making it only about ourselves?



I’ve listed twenty random acts of kindness below so that we can all show one another some kindness this upcoming year. Moreover, some may feel uncomfortable having their actions acknowledged, and yet if it inspires our peers to do the same and spread the kindness, then we shouldn’t feel ill-at-ease to remind our close-ones of our random acts of kindness and how much it made us feel good.

  1. Share a meal with an isolated neighbor.
  2. Offer and share a meal with a homeless person.
  3. Sit down with someone that lives on the streets and have a talk with them. Get to know them.
  4. Pay attention to homeless people and try to help one of them — if not some of them — to get out of that situation. Be someone’s guardian angel.
  5. Say hello to them. Don’t ignore fellow human beings.
  6. Give money to musicians and artists who play in the streets. Stop to listen to them.
  7. Smile at people in the streets and in the subway.
  8. Compliment a stranger.
  9. Make a donation to a non-profit organization.
  10. Keep up to date with the work of a non-governmental/non-profit organization and support them. Spread the word about their actions.
  11. Volunteer for a cause that is close to your heart (and educate yourself on causes you do not know much about).
  12. Give away toys to kids in hospitals and clothes and blankets to homeless people.
  13. Give away some of your old stuff to a neighbor in need.
  14. Give free lessons to a pupil facing difficulties at home/school.
  15. Babysit for free for a neighbor in need.
  16. Write cheering letters to strangers. Drop them in public places or randomly pick people in your local telephone directory.
  17. Support a rising star, an artist of any field, by giving them feedback, purchasing or spreading their work. Be their number one fan.
  18. Make a handmade gift for a close-one and give it to them on a random day.
  19. Pay the bill for a stranger without telling them.
  20. Let someone go in front of you in line.


Check this website for more ideas. – And this one for even more!

Which of these do you want to practice in 2017?

May I ask you one more favor before this year ends? Can you leave a review of The High-Heeled Papergirl on the blog’s FB page in the rating section? Many thanks!


20 thoughts on “2017: A Year of Kindness

  1. Loved the TEDx talk/message and your post….you are so sweet and powerful and giving….I will be sure to check you out on Facebook and will give a review within the next day or two 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. It’s weird, but I feel this absurd feeling of guilt whenever I help a homeless person which stems from the fact I have so much more than them that I can afford to give them some of mine. That’s why I do it discreetly and don’t feel comfortable if someone compliments me on my act. Anyway, thats just me being weird haha. Imagine if everyone performed just one act of kindness in 2017! Let’s get on it ya’ll

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