Lone Warrior — Poem


Countless sunless days
Playing the devil’s games
Sky-high uncertainties
Bringing you down to your knees

Standing aloof to the outside world
For your inner world is made to be twirled
Yearning not to be sinking
In a world that is maddening

Your lone soul prays for a hand to reach
As one would unfold his enlivened speech
Lending his hand to your shattered heart
Whose pieces have been torn apart

The benefactor would bestow
The words the wallflower had seldom seen glow
For so uncommonly had the latter
Ever heard such words of honor:

‘You frail breath of life
Who’s been wounded by the knife,
You delicate vital force
Who relentlessly followed the course,
Who combatted life’s trials in silence
Without from anyone seeking guidance
Facing the struggle on your own
Without searching for stones to be thrown,
Alone in the storms you’ve been through,
And for those brave battles I am proud of you.’


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