#WriteForRights- Dear Alan & Gyan

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Learn more about Alan and Gyan’s story here.


Dear Alan and Gyan,

I am writing to you to express my unconditional support. These days, all around the world, waves of nationalism have been trying to break the bond of humanity. But I want to fight for this bond, I am willing to stand up to inhumanity. I want to remind you that you are welcome here, wherever it is on earth. Whether it be in Europe, in Asia or in America, there will always be people along the way that are willing to welcome you. I hope that wherever you are right now you come across them. I hope they find the courage too to show humanity in a time where fear seems to prevail.

I can’t imagine what it is like to flee from your home country under threats, to leave your home to the unknown. It must be daunting. And yet, you had the courage to seize an opportunity. You took a chance. Like any other refugees did, you were striving for a better life. And how could anyone ever reproach it to you? We too try to make changes in our daily lives to fulfill our ambitions, whether it be career-wise or not. We all want to live better lives. Some yearn for their personal well-being and success whilst others are longing for peace to prevail and for wars to end. We all have the right to dream. And you were brave enough to act upon it.

We are all human beings. Nobody should be living in a tent. Race, religion, sexual orientation, language, nationality and disabilities do not matter. We are all human sharing a place to live, here on Earth. We are all entitled to live in dignity. Wherever one moves, they shall be home. The planet is our home. Therefore, I hope that you never let anyone tell you otherwise.

You and I deserve a decent place to live. You are welcome here. And so are your peers. So are the million other refugees currently living in camps or still trying to escape. Disabled or not disabled, Afghan or Libyan, English-speaking or not, you are all welcome here, wherever it is.

I hope you do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You’re not any less valuable than any other human being on this planet. Your life matters as much as mine, as much as the POTUS’s. Your worth is undeniable. Your qualities and talents shall be equally acknowledged as anyone else’s. You bring life to this world. And the thousand lives lost in the Mediterranean sea shall be remembered with the same sorrow as any other human being. You give hope to people. As H.G. Wells put it: ‘Our true nationality is mankind’.

So don’t you ever forget.

Your life is valued and you are welcome here.

Yours sincerely,


Who are you penning letters to this month?

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