#WriteForRights- Dear Edward Snowden

‘Write For Rights’ is an annual campaign launched twelve years ago by the British non-governmental organization Amnesty International which advocates for human rights all around the world. It aims at bringing justice by contacting political leaders and prisoners jailed for speaking out. It consists in a one-month (December) letter-writing marathon

Write for Rights 2014 stampduring which people pen letters to both party. You are encouraged to choose at least two people to write to by the means you prefer such as social media, a blog or a letter, and to get in touch with a leader that can help them out (you can find templates for letters to governments here). Over the years, releases have been made possible thank to the pressure put by citizens around the world through their letters. This experience also enables to put human connection at the center of our interest.

So let’s go, share away your letters!

You can find more details about the campaign here.

Part 2 of my contribution here.

Dear Edward Snowden,

My name’s Giulia and I’m nineteen years old. Despite the fact that I live in France, other details of my story do not matter in this case. The key element here is only that I am young and seem to have a whole life ahead of me. I have grown up in an hyperconnected world. And yet, at times I wished it was more balanced. I do fear growing old in an era that lingeringly suppresses basic human rights. I worry about today’s society using violently technological devices in order to police each and every individual. I do believe in the fundamental right of privacy, like you do.

I want to express you my gratitude. Thank you, Edward Snowden, for fighting for those ideals. First and foremost, I am delighted to share them with such a hero, the one that you are. I’ve always been made to believe that we were lucky enough to live in a free world, or a free part of the world. However, how much I would like to accept this fact as a reality, history has shown that in 2016 I’m not living in that fantasy world. Thank you, Edward, for opening up my eyes, for uncovering the truth. Thank you for believing and thank you for fighting for it. Thank you for standing up to what tries to overrule our vital rights.

Thank you for striving for a fairer society, for trying to secure your rights as well as mine and our peers’. I admire your bravery. Your courage only pushes me further not to accept the disgraceful realities as mere facts but to address them with the same courage you have in order to strike them. There are still many things, we as citizens of the world, ought not to accept. There are many issues left to combat, many problems to solve. Due to recents events, I have chosen a powerful mantra to stick to, it regards something bigger than my own dreams and ambitions. My real life mantra is to never accept whatever belittles the human race. And I hope that by following your example I will always make a stand against what I believe is wrong, whether it be in the workplace or on the streets. Your actions have driven myself not to stay silent. To speak up for equality, against injustice, this is, I believe, an act that any human is entitled to take and should always seize the opportunity.
Thank you, Edward Snowden.

Yours sincerely,


5 thoughts on “#WriteForRights- Dear Edward Snowden

  1. You opened my eyes to something i had no clue about. You know a lot for just 19..big thank you for opening up my world. And a great letter. I feel humbled by this post of your. You. Are wise for your youth

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