Generation Y + Ambitions

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Millennials or Generation Y, i.e. people born between the early 1980’s and 2000’s,  are subject to many myths. They may be described as spellbound by an over-use of technology with a natural tendency for laziness and egotism, lack of ambition and other clichés (you can read more about those commonplaces here).

As someone would who describes herself as particularly ambitious and hard-working, I feel the need to address those received ideas. A few weeks ago I therefore reached out to young people on social media to ask them how they felt about those stereotypes, what were their hopes and dreams and what was their perception of Generation Y. Here’s their insights.


Her blog: iamtaylorsite

The Northern Club, 16 Peach GroveA lot of people look at our generation, and see laziness, or kids to “involved” with their online lives, missing out on the world around us. They believe we have wasted our lives, and we don’t get out and enjoy the nature around us. However, I believe that cell phones are a big part in the growth of our generation, creating the future writers, artists, social workers, and doctors for the future. With the technology use at an all-time high, we are allowed to communicate with people we may have never had the chance to before. Since I have a blog, I can connect with people from around the world, including even the UK. I think this allows me to see from a different perspective, and gives me different views expanding my horizons.

My biggest dream is to help people in need. I would like to help women that get involved in the harmful world of sexual trafficking, and be a social worker as well, I would love to start a non profit, and give all I have to people that have nothing.

I believe our generation is as ambitious as ever, traveling the world, and wanting to make a difference. Our technology helps us move, helps us learn, and helps us explore things that we haven’t before from a different angle.



TEXT HEREHer blog: Stories From My Diary

My biggest dream ? Umm… I have many dreams which I want to achieve. My greatest dream ever in my life is to be successful and make my parents proud of me. I wanna do something big someday so that my mother, living in heaven would say to her fellow people that “look that’s my daughter, I always knew she will make me proud”. I don’t know what yet, may be through my writings or whatever, but one day I will make this dream come true. I want to travel and visit all the 7 wonders of the world and all the beautiful places of India. And last but not the least I want to do something unique for the society I live in. I see myself working for some NGO’s, some old age homes or orphanage. I want to give back something to the society.

How you wish to make a difference to the world ? I can divert anyone’s mind. As my friends say, that I am one of the most positive person. I would like to spread the positivity and happiness around myself. If given a chance , I would love to heal people’s heart by talking to them and giving them the peace of advice. I would make them believe that there is so much to live for in this single life. And nothing can be more greater than your own happiness. As I said above, positivity runs in my blood. No matter how broken, shattered or hurt I am, you will always find me with a smile on my face. “Believe in yourself and the world would be at your feet ” — Swami vivekanand ji. I believe in myself more than anything in this world and I know I would make a difference.

Why generation y is as ambitious as any other generation ? Competition. The race in which everyone wants to be at the spot 1. Why generation y has all the tools to succeed? They indeed have the tools for success, the latest technology, the gadget and the INTERNET but they also have the right attitude, courage and ambition to achieve whatever they want.



A LITTLE STARSTRUCKHer blog: Coolbeans4

There’s this myth that millennials are lazy. And while some are, as a millennial myself, I’ve seen just how silly that myth is.

I’m almost twenty, so myself and my peers are at a crucial point in our lives where we have to think about our future and our careers. While I think we’d all love to be famous and a star (I know I would!), basically everyone I know is content working to be an average member of society. Doing the jobs that need to be done and doing them well because we like it and we went to school for it.

You see, somewhere along the way, the world got tough. We have to work ridiculously hard to get where we want to be. A university education is so expensive and programs are so competitive and the job market is so tough to break into. But here we are, doing it….or, trying to. We’re getting student loans and we’re doing what we need to help our futures. Because we know what the world is like and we’re doing all we can to keep up.
So no, Generation Y isn’t lazy or unmotivated. We’re struggling and learning as we go and taking risks and sometimes compromising our morals so we can one day support ourselves and a family. We’re working to be average in a world that’s always against us, and any fellow millennial will tell you the same thing. We have the tools and we strive to learn what we lack, but it’s all at a cost. We are the future generation and we’re doing our best to own it!



TEXT HERE-2Her blog: Wordsmith Observations

My biggest dream? I’d say my end all biggest dream in life is to become an author. Ever since I had the ability to place one letter in front of the other I was piecing together stories, pretend newspapers, magazines, you name it. Writing has been the one ever-present aspect of my being since childhood, and it wasn’t at all long before I discovered that I wished to become an author!

Do you wish to make a difference in the world? If so, how?
As the saying goes, “you may be one person to the world, but you may be the world to one person.I think everyone has their own definition of “making a difference”. I say as long as you are putting your best foot forward and being someone that people can honor and respect, then you are making a difference, for yourself and those around you. You are setting an example.
However, I feel that with honor and respect comes a deep sort of influence that you can use to either shine betterment and inspiration to those around you.That is how I wish to live my life: impacting people where I can, with whatever little or large influence that is granted to me. We cannot keep trying to hopelessly convert the whole entire world to good morals, love, and breath-taking aspirations, but we need to strive to make a difference where we are placed and grow from there. I think I’d try to make a difference in many ways in my life. For instance, I could make a difference through my writing, through one-on-one mentorship with friends and those younger than I am, and as being an encouragement to others.

What are the values you think you have which will help you follow this path?
I feel that making a difference includes having a good sense of responsibility and common sense to lead you from straying into things that will not be helpful to your dreams. There are always going to be things that you have to overcome in your path to success: laziness, stereotypes, your own doubts. You definitely need to keep common sense, responsibility, honesty, and hard work in the mix to get you where you want to go.



What do you think of those stereotypes about Generation Y? What are YOUR hopes and dreams? What would you say to future generations?



9 thoughts on “Generation Y + Ambitions

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart and for giving others the chance to share as well…you are all so inspiring and wonderful and it is so easy to see that you are game-changers who help to make the world a much better place….thank you for your generosity of spirit and for taking the time to make a difference….you’ve brightened my day 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, Giulia for giving me the opportunity to take part in this wonderful endeavor. It’s so important that people realize that we are more than the stereotypes of our generation .This turned out beautifully. 🙂

  3. Nice to see so many young, aspiring and beautiful souls so motivated and positive! It’s great that you did this little collation and indeed, this generation needs to be given their due credit. Not every individuals are delinquents or good for nothings.

    Just as presented, we have many potentially life changing individuals still around with us. Shine on you guys- Be the force and light of the next generation and future gen to come 😉

    If ya’ll ever feel the need to share about any issues or just wanna chat, feel free to email me via

    I’d love to be of any help to assist in realizing the potential of you awesome people 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Giulia, Taylor, Unnati, Donovan and Hannah. This post and stories may inspire more ppl in future.

    Stay chirpy, friends!

    Your pal,

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