Random Acts of Kindness

This post isn’t about me. It is about the people whose random acts of kindness affected me. It regards genuine generosity and goodwill. 



Gail Lynne Goodwin

I have been used to being alone my whole life, to remain unnoticed for hours, to be in the background. Yet, although some would infer a semi-darkness to such situations, every sort of outsider you meet would
tell you that it has taught them a lot. To observe, analyze and eventually fathom out.  

As we pay attention to each and every single detail we stumble upon, we are scarcely noticed. We are the invisible ones. The ones struggling to reach out or the ones who enjoy their time alone. The shy introverted, the shy extroverted, or the socially anxious. The ones who have few friends or the ones who have none. The ones who struggle to fit in, who don’t belong. Those who lack confidence or social skills, or both. Those who feel ashamed to sit alone on a bench or the proud mavericks. Those who appreciate you but are scared to tell you, or those who don’t particularly appreciate you but don’t pretend to like you. 

However, once in a while, we come across some very special, tender-hearted people. These ones affect us in a way that only things dear to our heart can. It influences us, only to never forget. So this is dedicated to you.


YOU who smiled at me.

YOU and your simple ‘hi’ which changed everything when no one else in the room noticed that I was here.

YOU who asked if everything was okay. YOU who asked again when you doubt the veracity of the first answer.

YOU who dared to have a conversation with me although anyone would have thought it boring. 

YOU who said a nice thing about me, even the most random compliment ever.

YOU, the total stranger who once saw me smiling at a florist’s shop and told me: ‘Never stop smiling, beautiful people smile.’ 

YOU who sent me one or two messages to tell me you understood me.

YOU who didn’t ignore my presence.

YOU who listened to me, even for a minute or two.

And all the you’s, whose acts of kindness I can’t recall for now.


So whatever “YOU” you are, know that you had an impact on me, on the person you came across. Your smile, your flattering remark, you made me feel like I was valued, like I was worthy of your attention, like I was like anybody else. You made me feel like I mattered. No matter if this “YOU” is a stranger or a long-time acquaintance, your kindness is important. It can turn a day or even a life around. 

Never stop smiling for you, and for people. Dare to compliment strangers. Be caring enough to approach the withdrawn. Make someone’s day.  Spread the kindness. You don’t ever know how life-changing one random act of kindness can be. 

And to you for reading what I write, taking time to comment, enjoying my posts, thank you.


Me genuinely smiling THANKS TO YOU and FOR YOU


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