The Voice — Poem

Tell them, it said
Scream it!
the voice said.

Tell them, Giulia!
Yell, cry, shout
Everything’s not fine!

You have the right
not to be doing fine!

The wrathful words,
the incensed talks,
the hefty predicaments,

Money, school, health and family
at times seem so puny,
And the weight of the inner being
Promptly reshapes it, all so heavy.

Not everything is fine,
Nothing seems all right,
Tell them, Giulia!

They once said:
It’s okay not to be okay
Speak up!
Urged you the voice

But where are they?
Oh, where are your friends?

Still, the voice was there.
And you didn’t listen,
For they never had,
they never saw,
they never heard.

Behind the invisible cloak,
Underneath the relentless quiet,
Voiceless, noiseless, speechless,
A burning being
filled with excruciating feelings
within the unfathomable psyche,
Oh so unfairly!


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