Dreams, adventures and thunderbolts — can you see them?

#3 post in the Contemplations series

It can never be crystal clear. The future will always be uncertain. Unexpected dreams might come true and unheralded adventures may come. And, rationally, thunderbolts will be imagined. 

But, do you see your future? 


I do not, and I am thus even more in awe when hearing some asserting how plainly they can see themselves in ten or fifty years, at times adding the doubtful words ‘if I am still here by then‘. From where I stand, it’s hazy. Indeed, I mean it when I say that I want to become a journalist — and in my greatest dream an accomplished writer. There’s a part of me that forcefully believes it will happen. Still, my viewpoint mostly remains blurred. I wonder if I’ll ever end up anywhere.

Will I ever settle? Will any of these tiniest wishes that I have today will ever become a reality? Is it all just unattainable wonders and uncaught glimpses? Is this standpoint sempiternal? 


I am not musing on these cosmic dreams such as having a fulfilled life with a dream-career and having traveled all around the globe. I am talking about the little things that can make life great. These events that can make a life turn around. These trivial moments I pray of living someday. These are the things I, as a child, thought I would have lived by now, yet I have not. And it may stay still.


For now, I can’t see it. The future. My future. It’s difficult to even imagine a future from times to times. 

But, only time will tell.


4 thoughts on “Dreams, adventures and thunderbolts — can you see them?

  1. I wish that I would have had someone when I was younger, to tell me all the things I would tell myself today, and that I want you to know. Only you have the power to change your view, your vision, your power. Follow your heart and believe in yourself – never listen to the noise of others who only seek to tear you down or make you rethink your heart’s desire. As for where you see yourself in 20, 30, 40 years or more…too far ahead! Focus on five years, maybe even 10 years. Do what you need to do to allow yourself to believe in yourself. Allow only the light, none of the darkness, because honey, there are no answers in the darkness – ever. Be true to you, and good things will follow.

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