Interested in Youth Activism? Join me!

If you have read the first posts I’ve ever written on this blog, you might already be aware how passionate I am about the ability we were endowed with to make a change in the world. My words may seem a little harsh and strong, but I really do have faith in humanity (from newborn kids’ futures to elder people already having helped many through their nonprofits). Thus, I have had this little idea running through my mind lately about trying to do something myself. And, even though I don’t appear much like a leader, I would like to build it with other young people. It may seem a bit blurry for now, but I’ll try to explain the best I can (perhaps giving you further information later).

As I am pretty acquainted with the blogosphere and the online ‘world‘, I would like to create a blog dedicated to Youth Activism. I’d rather call it an online newspaper (where I could also use the word ‘chief editor’ to describe myself, just kidding!).

I have already been accustomed with various types of blogs, but in the end I realized writing fashion articles or do-it-yourself kind of posts was not my thing so much. Therefore, I’ve thought about a specific cause to support but I could not really focus on one.

This online newspaper would aim at educating teenagers about activism and diverse social issues.

I have thought of specific topics and ideas, if interested please redirect to my Contact page so that I can tell you more about it and discuss it together. 

I am looking for passionate young people willing to be the change. As long as you are enthusiastic about what you’re dealing with, and you can dedicate a minimum of three hours a week to what you’ll be in charge of, you are absolutely welcome. It won’t be necessary to available 24/7, it will depend on your position (for instance writers will have to post one piece per week, so maybe you just need one hour to write an article) and on your willpower.

More specifically, I am looking for : 

  • writers (if experienced, please send me links to your work — experience not mandatory) ;
  • cartoonists (if experienced, please send me links to your work — experience more suitable) ;
  • interviewers / reporters (which is to say people who have contacts / stories of their entourage to tell) ;
  • guest bloggers (to share their opinions on the subject of their choice — supplementary writing contribution).

If you are interested, please head over to my contact page. This is a worldwide project (age limit is 24). Tell me a bit about yourself (age, motivation, if you’re already volunteering/supporting actively a cause…). Add the position for which you want to join and your email so that I can respond. 

If you are an experienced activist, any advice or suggestion (and extra ideas) would be very much appreciated (plus your opinion whether it makes sense / well organized). 

Another alternative would be to focus on one issue, but for this we need concrete ideas. If you’ve got anything in mind, any charity close to your heart, please do let me know. I’d be glad to hear about it!

If I cannot build a team, then I will unfortunately have to let go of this idea (so I hope this doesn’t turn into one of my too many ditched projects like almost all those I have thought of, except for this blog which I never thought I could go on with for so long!). Hopefully, I will hear from you.

This might still be quite blurry in your mind, so I’ll respond to any question in the comment section below.

And spread the word!


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