The H words : between Hope and Hesitancy

#1 post in the Contemplations series

I am sitting at my desk, observing the screen, typing those very words. I have contemplated my dull life. I have looked through some of these slightly silvered notebooks of mine. The selfsame sentiment keeps emerging from these recurrent lifeless moments, these intense musings. Hesitancy.

The doubtfulness is making every other feeling fade. Whether it arises from nostalgia or fear, it conquers my every thought. Unfolding through actions or words, it does not cease to expand. The one and the same query calls to mind.

Will it remain an illusory craving? Will it transform into a palpable and factual reality?

If there was a sole desire to be accomplished, what would your wish be?

Mine would be to abstain from raising the above question. Quieting that voice, defying the dubious idea, ending the angst. And, perhaps, in my wildest dream, this inestimable longing would last. Once and for all.


Hope springs eternal.

‘Why We Still Need to Write, Even When We’re Scared’ : link here.


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