Dear Future Self — TTTS week 7

This post is part of the TTTS Project by Sherina and Caitlin. I really want to thank them because I’m so fond of writing letters and I felt especially inspired by this topic


Written on Sept 1, 2015 — To be read on Sept 15, 2025

Dear Future Self,

I am choosing to write this letter ten years from now. And it doesn’t come out of the blue as I will be turning eighteen in a few days. Therefore, you should be twenty-eight years old when you read this again. Eighteen is the age when you’re supposed to be a responsible grownup. It’s the time you finally realize you will have to handle things on your own in several areas, if you’ve not already learnt it — like turning the washing machine on, or filling in the taxes forms. Besides, countless activities become legal. Drinking alcohol (at least in France, though it is not my thing) and going to nightclubs between other things.

Well, by now you should be aware of all the excitement legal age brings. But if I’m telling you this it’s because I want you to remember who you were at eighteen years old. How you felt and how you lived. With the many lessons life taught you, I hope it has enabled you to experience much more wonderful things. Moments of discovery, moments of love and moments of gratitude. I wish for you to have lived intense moments of happiness. And when you reminisce about them I hope you still remember these dreadful days you’ve been through in senior high, and the tough ones you’ve endured all along teenage years. I hope they keep you grounded. I hope you are grateful for finally being able to thrive and I hope you still have in mind the lonely people in need on the surface of Earth.

I hope your ambition and perseverance has brought you far and made you chase your dreams until they became reality. Perhaps at the moment you’re reading this in your London-based magazine office. Or perhaps you are currently in the plane to visit yet another outstanding destination and tell the beautiful stories of thousands of strangers. I hope wherever you are, you haven’t forgotten that hard-work, kindness and faith are essential in order to live a blissful life. I hope you’re thriving with your family, and everything is well, and you have friends to lean on. My desire for you is that you’ve come to meet extraordinary people, whether it’s been for years or minutes, by chance or seized opportunities. And that they have changed your life for the better.

Above all, my wish is for you to feel free. That’s not about how many articles you’ve written in the national newspaper, how big your current apartment may be, or how many countries you’ve travelled to. This is about the lessening fear, the declining sadness, the diminishing anxiety. I hope that you finally own the freedom you deserve and that you can fully be yourself with your close ones. I hope people are hearing your thoughts and your opinions are voiced out. I hope your world is not filled with fear of judgement but determination to spread love. I hope you are a confident yet humble woman who helps her peers. I hope once in a while you remind yourself of all the life lessons the persons I have met so far offered you as sheer gifts. I hope that you keep treasuring life and that you’ve granted your positivity to someone else in your life.

And even if none of this actually happened, I want you to know that I’m proud of you for still finding the courage to wake up everyday.


This is a message of hope.


With love,

Your Ten Year Younger Self.


What would you tell your future self?

4 thoughts on “Dear Future Self — TTTS week 7

    1. Thank you so much! I no longer do Awards but it still means a lot to me. I also went through your blog and loved it, so I return you the compliment. xo

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