Sisterhood of the World Blogger Awards

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been long since I haven’t posted anything on the blog yet lately I have very much wanted to go back to writing and blogging. As I still remain uninspired on any topic at the moment, I’ll just take this time to post this: the sisterhood of the world blogger awards!

First of all, I want to underline that I sometimes get nominated for such awards, yet I never really took part in the challenges. If you ever nominated me, be aware that I appreciate the thought and it’s not against you I didn’t participate.

For this nomination, I want to thank again the lovely blogger behind My Red Page, Julia. Go check out her blog, it’s worth it!


Here are the rules:

– thank the giver and link their blog to your post ;

– answer the 10 questions given to you ;

– pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated ;

– include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog.


The question she asked was: what do you love the most? 

This is a tough question. I’m very bad at picking between different things whether it be activities, of human nature, or materialistically speaking.  If I had to choose one single thing, in this particular moment, I’d would definitely say writing. Lately, I had this profound feeling that I needed to write, it was more than a will. Actually, it often occurs to me that I want to do it yet I don’t have anything to talk about. Albert Brooks once claimed ‘If you want to be a writer, just write. There’s no magic to it‘. And that’s the thing, I love writing no matter the topic I have to dwell upon (alright, there might be an exception for philosophy essays). Yesterday, we had a creative writing assigned in our final exam. The topic was not so enthusiastic, however I found myself relieved and thriving after writing down a few sentences. It had been so long. What I love about writing is that it is extended to many fields. Writing first offers general knowledge. As Hemingway asserted, you must write about what you know. In fact, it is utterly true otherwise you wouldn’t be much reliable. Thus, I always try to check a few facts before posting anything on the blog or before writing a story set in a place I do not know for instance. I love making some research, that point must come from the fact that I wish to become a journalist. On the other hand, writing is a powerful way to explore oneself. I believe writing comes with knowledge and knowledge comes with writing.

I wish you would see the smile I have right now after writing these few lines. Such a relief.

. .

Now, here is my question to you: What is your biggest dream?

Now, I do nominate every female blogger who sees this post! Feel free to join!!!

See you!


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