Proud & Pretty in Pink


I recently became a Proud & Pretty ambassador and I must say I’m glad to be a part of the movement as an active supporter. Proud & Pretty in Pink is not yet widely known in the world, so let me share with you a few information on this beautiful cause.


PROUD & PRETTY IN PINK  is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by Chelsie Mogan-Prince and co-founded with Chandra Mogan. The organization aims at empowering young girls turning into women. The main subjects involve self-esteem, body image and sexual health. Spreading the embrace of femininity is necessary in an era in which the media is ruling and often has a negative influence regarding these matters. PPP offers mentoring programs and workshops to discuss such topics with girls from age 12 to 20 in the United States. The provided education pursues the goal of accepting oneself in pink. Not only does the PPP team educates people, they also help strengthen women’s connections by encouraging each other. As a community, we owe each other mutual respect and mostly we have to support one another. Besides, the organization created a blog on which you can share your own story that could help others and also be inspired by reading others’ (link below).  



Nowadays, girls’ self-esteem and body image remain low (Body Image statistic tab here). The media tends to broaden a harmful view on such issues, most specifically on television, in magazines and on the internet. The impact it has on new generations of girls is tremendously menacing. This is why we have to empower each other today in order to engender new generations of strong, confident and thus beautiful women tomorrow. The link-up of our energy is necessary to solve main issues that our society is dealing with. By putting our heads together on these topics, we open our minds, we get educated and thus we grow as human beings. If we surround ourselves with positivity, the support we can get might help us reach our best version of ourselves — confident, strong, beautiful and thus happy women. 



Proud & Pretty in Pink website

An introduction to PPP by the founder herself: video

A conversation with actress Shantel VanSanten: video 

PPP Twitter accountFacebook page, Youtube channelblog, Instagram profile


I strongly advise you to check these few links to get to know the organization more. I encourage you to join the community of PPP supporters if you feel like the cause is worth getting involved with (because it surely is). And don’t forget to spread the word on PPP

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