Following your own rules


Fashion is often referred to as an interest that people have to express their thoughts and reflect their personality. At times, people just love getting well-dressed and taking care of their physical appearance. Yet, today the fashion realm is ruled by great fashion houses, reknown brands, incoming designers and last but not least fashion magazines. These magazines are godsends to fashionistas. Is there anything better than reading all about your favorite fashion icon and discovering new items? Probably not. As I’ve always been keen on to reading such papers, there’s been one thing I’ve always been against as regards to them. The Do’s & Don’ts  articles which I loathe. 

Of course, getting pieces of advice on a current trend you want to try is often helpful, however I strictly disapprove of the following Don’ts part. I’ve always thought doubtlessly that no matter how people stare at you in the streets you always have to be true to yourself. Just wear whatever the f*ck you want. My motto is: wear the items you want as long as you love it and it’s not indecent. It doesn’t have to be up to date. It just has to be you. I believe fashion is all about style. 

Since I was a child, I have always been keen on clothing. I loved to disguise as a Disney princess or a huge pop star, impersonating persons I’d like to be. Four girls at home helped being influenced by fashion growing up.  Especially with a beautician mother who had to take care of her public impression for work. When I got into middle school, I became more conscious about my looks. I actually like the idea of expressing  oneself through clothing, as superficial as it can sound. Certainly, I don’t believe that fashion is just a label. I think it enables people to share their true self depending on their mood and desires. Make them feel good about themselves. Comfortable, happy, confident. Not only does it depict freedom, but fashion is also a game. You can play with colors, patterns, accessories. It is about creativity. Always yours. 

Everybody has their own sense of creativity. We should state our own rules for ourselves and not submit to what some random people’s commandment published in a magazine just because they have been paid to. It is amusing to read mockeries during summer’s tanning activities but it doesn’t mean fashion magazines should dictate you how to dress up. Always feel free to wear what you love!

Fashion is freedom!


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