Peace & Love

After a rough week, scattered with tragedies but fortunately lit up by incredible love and support from all over the world, I really wanted to pay tribute my way to the victims of the Paris attack. I have been deeply offended by such events that troubled my mind forever. I will only write a few words to pay my respects and still share positive vibes, which is hard but possible even in the worst of days. My first dream has always been to write for a living, become a journalist. Our freedom of speech, my freedom of speech has been threatened and attacked. Lives have been taken for no reason. My sincere thoughts and prayers go to all the victims of these dreadful events. Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité; love prevails. 

Capture d’écran 2015-01-12 à 21.11.04

On a positive note, I want to share with you this piece of work, a website entitled Love Yourself First run by my dear friend Nabila. I know how such projects can be underrated online by people who are more attracted to already well-known websites. I also share the same aim as Nabila and I understand that she truly wants to be involved in the project in order to help and inspire. Thus I strongly suggest you to visit the blog but also to share you own story. Opening up can not only help you but inspire others too. Connection is important. Share love. Spread good vibes, positive thoughts. Listen. Talk. Comfort each other. That’s what this website aims at, and that’s the reason it’s an inspirational one to visit. You ought to. LOVE


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