Say hello to Summer!


 Items: Top Forever 21 - High-waisted shorts Pimkie - Accessories H&M - Shoes Converse
One of my favorite outfit to wear on the beach, in town or at concerts!

Summer is coming fast! As much as I love winter, Spring and Summer are by far my favorite seasons of the year considering my wardrobe. It’s time for floral patterned dresses, crop tops and cute sandals. It’s also the bikini season, you can show off your body and feel beautiful because you surely are! Clearly, it’s the best moment to put all your simple and pretty outfits that you kept safely in your closet all winter long. Party on the beach, diners on the patio and outdoor concerts are the right instants to catch your all time favorite items. Summer is a time full of occasions to wear exactly what you love without weather constraints and other bothering thoughts. You don’t have to mind any more about your school dress code.  No more rules from your parents if they are away. It’s a time when fashion is free. You can enjoy the sun, tan reading your magazines and quietly drink your cocktail gossiping with your best friends. 

Break the rules and feel free and beautiful! 

What are your own favorite outfits for the S/S seasons?



One thought on “Say hello to Summer!

  1. Absolutely LOVE the outfit!
    My favourite outfit would be something like this: Denim shorts with a brown (leather) belt, loose band croptop (black), white cardigan and brown Clarks (desert boots).

    Lots of love!

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