Because there’s always something good to come up next…


There are mornings when you wake up, feeling absolutely out of control, willing to stay in bed all day long whilst there are evenings when you go to bed wishing you wouldn’t have to wake up the following morning. Situation one or two, or both depending on the person you are. Situation one barely ever occurs to me, perhaps owing to the fact that I’m an optimistic person. However, situation two can be quite rough handling. Succeeding a fight with someone or a really bad news, all you’re able to do is shouting and crying to let it all out. Still, after the melt down there are two possibilities; you can overreact and mishandle the situation or you can decide to turn it into a positive energy. Of course, it can be easier said than done at times.

How many times have I told myself how much I was sick of my life? A lot of times. How many times have I try to harm my life one way or another? Not once. (For now). I have my weakness, and you have yours ; we deal with it.

Instead of listing all the things you’ve supposedly done wrong and the unfortunate ones that happened to you, there’s always a lesson to learn. As you have propably read my previous personal posts, you may know two major things that occured to my family which are my father dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and my mother being sick. There’s no need for me to reveal other things about me to list what each of my personal experiences taught me, you’ll easily understand. First, I’m aware that doing drugs severely damages your life whevener you do it, for fun or to feel better, while some teenagers believe that “you only live once” (no translation needed). And second, I know that I can lose anyone anytime, plus I feel more conscious about health issues. Indeed, these two facts taught me so much. I’m only sixteen years old, therefore I hope I’ll go far in the future carrying these essential life lessons. On the recovery road, here’s the positivity of what might have ruined my entire family. Nevertheless, you can learn from tiny little things that happen to you. This is the reason why I believe that life is beautiful, filled with hopes, paused by tragedies, ended by wisdom.

Whether you see it or not, there’s always a way to get over tough times. There are unnoticeable things that allow you to dream, to be humble and to stay strong. This undefineable power is what makes you who you are. The strength you own will always lead you to the righteous road you’re meant to follow. Even though it may be blurry at the moment, you’ll see the light brights sooner than you think. There’s always a way to be positive. Feel positive, act positive, live positive. Things will get better eventually.


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2 thoughts on “Because there’s always something good to come up next…

  1. i’m loving this and everything youve written so far! so positive and inspiring – keep it up! 🙂

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