A Timeless Style Icon


  Being a something-addict always begins with the encouragement of others to pursue a certain path. Whilst I was raised in a family of girl power, I was at all times inspired by other girls and women’s looks. As fashionistas, I guess we all think alike —since great minds think alike — everything can inspire us. No matter who the woman is, hate or love for her, if her items stand out then we’ll be grateful for the idea it can give us; actress, singer, waitress, designer and even princess of the XXth century. Thus, I draw inspiration from nearly everything but obviously there still are some special people that can strongly be distinguished from the common ones.

Grace Kelly surely is one of these few figures. I first got to know her better than just stating her acclaimed name in Hitchcock’s Rear Window, it was evident that she was quite a personage. Subsequently, I discovered more about her because who doesn’t actually know who she is?  — it would be like not knowing Lady Diana! I truly admire Grace Kelly’s sense of style for her timeless, simple and elegant sophistication. Apart from being a warm person, a gifted actress and a gorgeous woman, the Princess has always been considered an iconic fashion model in movies and in real life.

It’s a fact that no woman does not like dresses when they love fashion. Kelly’s gowns, flagship garment of a princess’s wardrobe, are most likely my all-time favorite outfit of hers. Her Rear Window  “fresh from the Paris plane” dress (first picture above), how her character describes it, designed by Edith Head, decorated with a pretty pearl necklace is especially one that I really love. Moreover, I consider her wedding dress, which Kate Middleton’s reminded of, designed by Helen Rose, a real masterpiece. Lastly, the eau de nil suit worn by the actress in the same Hitchcock movie (firt picture down below on the left) is an absolutely perfect example to recreate a modern and classic outfit. Other than her costumes and princess garb, Grace Kelly’s style was also famous for the Capri pants. To be honest, there were those years in my childhood when I deeply hated these trousers that show your ankles in a sort of repellent way. However, I’ve been falling in love all over again with Capri pants worn with graceful heels lately.

A consistent proof that the pre-eminent 1950’s actress was already considered as a fashion icon at the time is the name of today’s best-seller Hermès bag renamed after her own name  because the glorious princess considered it the it-bag. Undubitably, the beloved Princess of Monaco was more or less effortlessly looking elegant in any way. Thirty-four years after her death, she remains an inspiration to every woman and particularly an inspiration to fashion houses. For instance, Chloe‘s and Yves St Laurent‘s Autumn/Winter 2012 collections were significantly inspired by Grace Kelly.

Nevertheless, this is only one of the many reasons why the magnificient Grace Kelly remains in people’s memories today.


 What about your own fashion inspiration of all time? 


What do you think?

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