An Inspiration to Fashion


Located in the desert of California, Coachella reunites art lovers each year in April. Although, the festival consists in attending performances of numerous artists where plenty of celebrities go to party, it also is a place where music meets fashion. The Coachella style is usually defined as gypsy boho chic, typical style of Southwestern America. The festival attendant’s look might be composed of floral-patterns with crop tops, casual shorts and an ample or little shoulder bag brightened by gold jewelry. Through the internet, it equals a full weekend of selfies, outfit pictures and several celebrities-hanging-out photos. Though Alessandra Ambrosio rocked her casual shorts last year, Vanessa Hudgens is quite amazing at picking her outfits as you might have often seen the past few years. All of these looks is a cool way to be inspired for the season as it will soon be time to go shopping for Summer. I can’t wait to see all of this year new looks!  

You can check two affordable outfit inspirations I made for you down below (click on the picture to see it bigger). The Coachella look is super awesome for Spring and Summer even though you do not attend the festival.

Sans titre 1

What’s your festival look? 


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