We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes, we gotta accept it


Self-esteem certainly is one of the main keys to happiness. In my friends circle or simply in my life, teenagers are more likely to say that they’re unhappy. And I guess it’s bigger than that as we know how today’s society is like. Girls cutting, boys committing suicide, kids being bullied… I’d basically say that they tend to think negatively. There’s a lot of pressure among us, obviously, but there is also a self-esteem problem. However, there are many things that can help you accept yourself. I’m not stating the fact it’s easy to come to such an accomplishment though, it clearly isn’t. Loving yourself might be something even harder when you’re at a bad place in your life; yet it is possible!

We, girls, have all woken up someday, at least once in our life, have looked into the mirror and complained about our appearance, adding to that “problem” the list of all the wrongs things we did. Honestly, weren’t you that person once? As I said previously, I feel like young people can be really negative at times; personally I’ve got quite a disposition since I’m such an optimistic person but from time to time I can be whether at the heist of my positive mood or the complete opposite, which is to say in my pessimistic mood (it’s not always black or white though). Therefore my daily life can be summed up by three major phases : 1. I love myself! 2. I hate myself! 3. I’m okay with myself. It just depends on how I’m feeling because I wouldn’t say I’m depressed nor unhappy, or bipolar. Otherwise I can tell that I accept myself pretty much. I recognize my flaws and blame myself for being as stupid as I can sometimes. Nonetheless, I could sing my own praises for my accomplishments and my strength and my pride other times.

As no one is perfect, there is a way to find the right balance. Acceptance didn’t knock at my door randomly. I was not always like that; yet I am lucky that my self-esteem level amounts quite the average at sixteen years old. It’s not in my nature, anyone can accept and love him/herself. I’ve just been so inspired by plenty of men and women throughout their stories, their words and values that it goes beyond this. We can keep whining about society, however we have to realize that the world is fulfilled with great inspiring people empowering youth. It literally goes above quotes, speeches and acts.  It’s full of tremendous energy out there waiting for us to give and to receive. It’s all about uniting, helping each other because we all go a little mad sometimes!

Let’s be thankful for the amazing journey that is life with each one of being part of it, soothing and relieving one another. To finish on a positive note, let’s just tell each other a random fact about ourselves that we’re proud of. I am proud of my writing style (okay that’s not really original but I had no other idea!) .

Tell me what you’re proud of in the comments below; it can be your last drawing or your behaviour concerning someone special, whatever).


3 thoughts on “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes, we gotta accept it

  1. I am proud that I have survived. I am proud that I have had opputurnities to give up and I never ever have.
    This is a great post and I definitely think you’ve got the right idea. So many of us focus on the negatives that we forget any positives exist.

    1. That’s such an achievement. I’m glad to see people not regretting what happens to them and still being proud of the journey they went through.

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