Weekly Writing Challenge — The power of names

Here I am, doing my first writing challenge ever!  As I want to be more engrossed in the community of bloggers in order to learn and share more and better, I decided to contribute to this one since the topic seems quite interesting to me. I apologize in advance for my possible improper way to take part in it. Otherwise, it might be a cool way to discover a bit more about me!


Giulia, that’s how I was named. Youthful as name dictionaries often say. At first my mother wanted to give me the name Juliette or Julia, however my father disagreed. For God’s sake, his thought was righteous. I believe that the French pronunciation of Julia is terribly unpleasant, although Juliette sounds graceful to me. However, I’m proud to be a Giulia as I live in France, it’s a special way to signify my Italian roots. I think that it shows how beautiful the Italian language is. My name is very often misspelled or mispronounced and I’d be glad to yell at these people sometimes if I could. I sometimes questioned myself whether I liked the name I was given or not; mostly as a child I was angry to have such a name that nobody knew how to correctly write or say. Still, I was hopefully reassured by my elder sister’s name which is not common at all in France but very in Italy; and it was a blessing for me to go to Italy where everybody knew my name. Call it luck or bad luck but French people finally started to know it greatly when the former president’s daughter was name after the same name (since the baby’s mother was Italian). Oh like Sarkozy’s daughter you mean? Yeah, quite annoying to hear.

I’ve always loved to tell my name to people I meet because I believe that whatever your name is it does always reveal a part of you no matter if it is an ounce of your past or a just a greatness of your personality. Apart from judgements, your name tells a lot. This is how people meet you; how they remember you; you’re always be the same thanks to your name. It might have an impact on what your close ones think of you, or might not as well. It follows you all along your life, reminds you of who you are to never forget. And later on, you realize that you are grateful to your parents who, in the end, gave you such a beautiful name. 


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