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As a book devotee, I opted for a bookshelf tour rather than a review; as my reviews are usually too short and as I’m not a great literature analyst. I’m not sure how to do it but I’ll try my best. I won’t display all of the books I own and give my opinion on each of them; I’ll just make it short, clear-cut and enjoyable. I’ll still give you a few recommendations. ( I don’t think it’s useful to show the shelves where there are my magazines and other stuff as school books and dictionaries.) By clicking on the book titles, you will be redirected to their Goodreads pages.


On the first shelf remain my book series such as Twilight (that I never read but I keep them because they are gifts), the Vampire Diaries which I started two years ago and made me want to read again as I abruptly stopped after entering middle-school, I haven’t read the fifth one for the moment and I will not read the next ones since we know that L. J. Smith did not write them but a ghost-writer did; its sequel Stefan’s Diaries (I read them all alternatively in French and in English, it was totally coincidental). The last book series I followed was Pretty Little Liars, in French though, by skipping the second volume however it was understandable and pleasant; and then I read Pretty Little Secrets and Ali’s Pretty Little Lies, in their original version. I do not really like book series, and to be honest I read these ones because I watch their adaptation on television.

As you may have seen on my Goodreads profile, indeed, I have read more books in English than in French; therefore I won’t display plenty of French books. To go straight to the point, my French books are mainly school readings since I’m in a literary field of study. I read lots of Molière‘s drama pieces in middle school, which work is quite boring and distasteful to me: honestly, I hate drama (edit: no I don’t hate drama!). Otherwise, I read Camus’ The Plague a few months ago, and I really liked it; it’s uncomplicated, pleasurable and full of metaphors. I started reading Nicholas Sparks’s novels about three years ago in French. I actually got into his work subsequently as I watched his beautiful movie adaptations; he’s now one of my favorite authors. To break a cliché often said about him, I have to say that he doesn’t write romance novels, as he pointed out in an interview once, but love stories which is to say there is love between plenty other themes in his work; he just builds incredible characters. One of his latest pieces was his autobiography written with his brother Micah entitled Three Weeks with My Brother; it’s genuinely deep and authentic, every NS fan should read it.

Truthfully, I have tons of books on my shelves that I’ve not read yet (compulsive shopper statement), especially English/American ones. I started reading classics lately; I bought Macbeth by Shakespeare last summer and I tried to read it many times but it seemed impossible to do so, thus I keep it for later. My favorite reading of the year for now is The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway’s writing is delightful. I confess that it was quite hard, all the characters mixed up in my mind but in the end, Hemingway’s way of writing took over and I promptly bought another of his novels, remaining unread for the moment. Other classics such as To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne‘s short stories and Jane Austen‘s novels are quietly waiting for me on my bookcase.

I often buy or get books that are best sellers. The breath-taking PS I Love You movie is an adaptation of Irish author Cecelia Ahern, exquisite novel which was even more powerful than the movie. Everyone loves a good love story, everybody who watched it will love it. I also read The Perks of Being a Wallflower after seeing it at the movie theater, it was a good read yet I wouldn’t recommend it, as I thought it was monotonous and the epistolary style is forbidding. The most expected movie of the year might be John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars which I read last year. People were praising that brilliant bewildering love story, and I decided to read it; it surely is a dazing one. However, to be honest, I am not that enthusiastic about the movie coming out. I watched heaps of love stories dramatically ruined, in a certain way, by a tragic event such as illness and I am quite fed up with this kind of movies. Nevertheless, I purchased Looking for Alaska that I’ve not read yet because Green creativity skills are very impressive. Or else, I also read the outstanding Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I was kind of bothered by its numerous pages at first, in spite of this, my reading was absolutely thrilling, and consequently I acquired Strong Motion that is not on my Read Books list thus far.

Several novels that I read these past months are planned to be transposed on the big screen, such as If I Stay, which I read in French. It’s a scenic humble story, very fast and pleasant to read, written by Gayle Forman. Its sequel Where She Went that I own in its original version, is also an entertaining neat work. The making of If I Stay is really the one I can’t wait to see in theaters with Nicholas Sparks’s The Best Of Me.

Otherwise, as I read much more books in English, I decided to back off a little bit by reading more in French. Therefore, I am currently reading Douglas Kennedy’s The Pursuit of Happiness, in its translated version (even though I rather read original work since translations might be too harsh).  (I might have detailed my readings too much by annoying you at the same time, sorry if I did.) If someone asked me what is my favorite book, I could not answer to such a question. I almost love all of those I have read at some point of my life, what I want to add is that when I think of one book I have read  I certainly think of how was my daily life at this time.

What is your favorite book? Have you read the ones I named, do you agree with my comments? 

NB: The  picture was taken by me.


3 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour

  1. I definitely can’t choose my favourite book but I recommend you Hate List by Jennifer Brown and Between by Jessica Warman.

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