The Best Way Renown Can Be Exerted


The world of celebrities is currently increasing in people’s mind. From rising to shining  Hollywood stars, teenagers are largely attracted and entertained by this world filled with glittering accessories. What most adults do not discern is that being a famous person does not necessarily comes just with the facts of possessing a certain talent, having millions of fans  and getting a great paycheck – although my knowledge comes to an end about that with the detail that I’m not a celebrity (at least not yet, lol). However, every now and then, you can notice in the media than this one became engaged in this charity. It never really stupefies us, you move on to the next headline without being keen on it. But I do. Whenever, I read some article on the internet about that I mostly pay attention. I’m a sixteen-year-old girl interested in the topic of charities; when it’s actually a well known celebrity that I appreciate, I care even more. Such things do truly, deeply inspire me.

I’ve known Sophia Bush for many years thanks to Mark Schwahn’s incredible TV series One Tree Hill. She has always been one of my favorite actress on television, let’s admit that she is a gifted one. Nevertheless, most people know her now as the astonishing person that she is. Someone would’ve told me that years ago, I would’ve responded that it couldn’t be true for sure, I mean she is a celebrity, nobody really knows her apart from the media. But social media such as Twitter does really help you perceive who a person like that is. Bush truly is one of the very few famous persons that are 100% activist beyond acting, singing or whatever they’re doing professionally. Supporting same-sex marriage, taking part in political issues, representing the F Cancer charity among lots of other causes, she embraces activitism as an important part of her job. One of her most achieved voluntary contribution is her work with Pencils of Promise, Adam Braun’s organization aiming to build schools in low-developed areas of the world in order to raise educational opportunities in the world. Sophia Bush’s involvement has provided the creation of her third school on her 30th birthday last year. In July 2013, she hosted the Do Something Awards, in California, which is a non-profit organization pursuing the purpose to motivate young people in taking a chance to make a change in the world.  Above all, she shares her belief that everyone can make a change through her frequent use social media. She does connect with her fans and confirms that smart is sexy. Twitter, Facebook and blogs are such useful platforms to share, connect and inspire. Sophia Bush arouses the best part of being a teenager in the 2010’s and she also attests that being an activist celebrity is meaningful because famous people have the faculty to be globally noticed.

OTH‘s actress is not the only one engaged in charities, another strong example would be twenty-nine-year-old Pretty Little Liars actress Torrey DeVitto (who also appeared in several other popular TV shows such as One Tree Hill and Army Wives). She supports various animal causes like the Humane Society and PETA for which she shot an ad promoting virtual dissection in science classes. She attends numerous charity events in Hollywood (Global Roots, Alzheimer’s association, Elton John’s Foundation…). During summer 2013, she headed off to Africa with the National Hospice Foundation, as their official ambassador, to work on a new project. She thus contributed to the production of a documentary movie called Road To Hope, a movie exploring life of orphaned children struggling for their future without parents in a low-developed country. Thanks to her Twitter account, followed by thousands of fans, DeVitto shares information about her volunteering and encourages people to follow her path through hospice communities. By giving time to such activities, she pushes her youngest fans to show the willingness to stand up for something that matters. Torrey DeVitto is a precious actress that television should keep benefiting from!

Many other talented middle-aged celebrities who are not so famed take part in such action, people just don’t notice or don’t pay attention. I could name plenty of people from programs I watch on television or singers I listen to that have a tremendous willingness to make a change (Ian Somerhalder Foundation for environment, Stand Up To Cancer which incites celebrities to contribute to their projects,  etc.). Not only do famous people should contribute to the evolvement of our world’s insecurities but I wanted very much to emphasize the fact that celebrities do spend time giving so I wanted to highlight the few ones that have a powerful impact on our society, and especially on youth. They own the prodigious ability to inspire us, GLOBALLY! Despite all the inappropriate trouble that the internet can cause and all the things  that teenagers of our time do wrong and think wrong, there are still assets to the Internet Generation. Here’s the amazing lesson that you all should teach your parents!

Who is the activist celebrity that you support the most? 



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