“I Want To Be Thin In Order To Be Happy”


We live in a world in which people consistently complain about our society. As a teenager myself, spending plenty of time on the internet and social networks, I read many tweets explaining why numberless teenage girls want to lose weight and to be thin, written by themselves. The answer is, without a doubt, astounding. “I want to be thin in order to be happy” is the most common reason I read on the internet. I am amazed when my girl friends tell me that they are on diet and they do not eat anything at all, except for dinner. I’m trying hard to make them understand that thinness does not bring happiness. The major problem is that most of today’s teenagers are struggling with acceptance issues. Dealing with it is difficult for the majority of us and we do not always have the right people by our side.

I’m a sixteen-year-old normal-weighted girl who doesn’t mind hanging out with friends who don’t necessary have the same weight as me. I am not the only one, they are plenty of others like me thinking the same way. I learned from myself, from my life, my family issues and from my mistakes. I might be thin but it does not mean I am fully happy with what’s going on in my life. People don’t end up with me because of my body. Teens don’t mind  anymore, you hurt yourself by yourself. Weighting three pounds less (or more) than her are will not – cannot – make you a better person. Losing weight to seem like someone better from our society’s perspective certainly is the worst reason to. It’s regretful that teenagers, in 2014, reject many clichés from elder generations but not the one that connote that if you’re fat then you’re not worth it – they do fear less the fact of being gay, for instance, than the fact of not being skinny enough. These people still complain about the sadness of our society whereas they are on diet, and that is really startling because actually they are submissive to it simply by doing it. Thus it is disappointing. However, the “be yourself” motto is not significant anymore because the society is changing you without you even noticing.

Being yourself and learning to know your own self is such an important phase of youth, some are trying to elapse it as it was no big deal. Losing weight to feel more confident is completely different than doing it to feel better from other’s point of view. Nevertheless, you have to accept your body before changing it. Nothing is wrong in being skinny or being plump. Do not ever let society take over and overwhelm you, you’re so much more than stereotype.




One thought on ““I Want To Be Thin In Order To Be Happy”

  1. i think this reality is sad and important to continue to discuss…I am actually working on a post related to this topic…i just need to find the right tone of voice that I want to use. It is so hard to focus on health, when everything around us is about looking a certain way in order to be beautiful or happy….its difficult. I am a thick girl, always have been, I never wanted to be skinny, but I did want an hourglass figure, I still do….the standard is impossible. You just have to be thankful for what you were given. Great Post!

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